Conveners’ Role & Responsibilities

Our conveners play a crucial role in the CVNAA. These volunteer members design and manage our activity groups and ensure that the activities follow CVNAA rules for the safety and enjoyment of all. They are supported in their work by the Activities Coordinator who helps publicize their events and is their communications link with the CVNAA Executive committee.


  • Your term as an Activity Convener runs from June to May.
  • If you are taking over the role from another Convener, meet with her at the end of May for an information transfer so you can learn about the role, events, ideas, contact information and safety guidelines.
  • If you are initiating a new activity, meet with the Activities Coordinator to review your plan, possible number of participants, and other responsibilities.
  • Your responsibilities include venue planning, frequency of gathering, safety plans, website publicity, and communication to your activity group and with the Activities Coordinator.
  • Once members have signed up for your activity you will need to:
    — Create and maintain a current e-mail communication list for your activity group.
    — Provide your activity group members with relevant information including current CVNAA safety guidelines and your contact information so they can reach you should they have questions.
    — Provide updates about your activity group to the Activities Coordinator. If you have any issues, she may be able to offer guidance or can bring it forward to the Executive Committee.
    — To keep the information on the website calendar current and accurate, regularly provide updates to the webmaster.
    — Attend meetings called by the Activities Coordinator (usually two per year).
  • If you anticipate that you will step down from being Convener for your activity next year, talk to the women in your activity group to solicit someone to take over your convener role for the next term.
  • At the end of your convener term, gather and provide information that will be of assistance to the new convener for handover at the end of May.